how to connect 2 pc's 1 single port router to access internet

how do I connect 2 pc's with a single port router using lan cable?
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  1. I'm not sure this is possible unless you could be connecting through wireless but you would need at least two network ports and two Ethernet cables.
  2. Use a hub or a switch
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    I suggest using a switch to share the LAN connection to every other device connected to it, I'm currently using one to have my PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, all hooked up on a LAN connection.

    I would suggest this one!
  4. Yeah, there really is no way to operate 2 devices off 1 port. Even though Cat5/Cat6 cables currently for the most part only use 2 pairs out of the 4, you would have problems if you tried to split the wires coming off the 1 port. This would work in an analog scenario, but since we are dealing with network protocols this would not work(at least if you are running and operating a computer that is not 30 years old). If you are a "token - ring" network topology may work in which case each computer can not talk until it has the "token". Network cards in this scenario would normally use BNC connections with a connector coming out of 1 computers NIC that splits it off to 2 different cables which travel to 2 different devices which make up part of the "ring". (this was before my time so someone else that reads this should be able to give you a better answer on how this works).
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