PCI Wireless card or USB 3.0 Adapter?

Unfortunately given my setup and location I can't use a wired connection and have to look into wireless options..

My question is, which way should I go? A wireless card that i install directly onto my motherboard (asus p8z77-v) or a USB 3.0 wireless adapter?

I know in comparing onboard options to usb 2.0, it is pretty much a no brainer to get the onboard PCI card, but it seems that USB 3.0 might be better than onboard?

I'm looking to spend between $25 and $50. Here are two of the cards I'm kind of looking between:




Obviously I would like the card that's going to give me the fastest connection I can get. Any and all input is definitely welcome... thanks!
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  1. Any feedback? I'd love to get this ordered today as I can't survive without my internet! lol
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