Can't find my video cards

I was told I need to reinstall my video driver package but can't find them. I have a Qosmio X775 with the Nvdia gtx 560m. The graphics card is saying that it's not detected anymore on my computer.
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  1. Go here and fill in the info for the version of Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) and download directly from Nvidia:
  2. I downloaded it, installed and it's still saying not detected (Did this yesterday actually)
  3. Have you tried the driver version provided by Toshiba?
  4. Have not, was having trouble finding it
  5. Says I must install intel r driver first
  6. The Intel drivers are on the same link provided earlier. Under the Display Drivers.
  7. Setup failed to install one or more device drivers, not sure why it's saying this
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