I drag something all the way to the right and now I can't open it windows 8

I recently just got a new video card, Geforce gt 630 for windows 8. Now everytime I drag something all the way to the right of my monitor and suddenly I can't look at it, I can open it but just can't view it. I tried to restart me computer but It just doesn't seem to work, I really need help and would be so thankful if someone would try to help.
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    You have a 2nd monitor turned on so it thinks there is a seccond display that it is opening the program to.

    To fix this do the following:
    1) Right click on the desktop, select "Screen Resolution"

    2) On the screen that shows up there should be 2 displays showing as active and to the right of them there should be a button that says "Detect". When you hit detect a large number will show up on your screen for a few moments. Remember this number for the next step.

    3)Towards the bottom there should be an option for "Multiple Displays" and this should be set to "Show desktop on display #1/2" (which ever your main desktop display was listed as in step #2) or "Duplicate these Displays". Either option should get you down to using a single monitor again.

    This should only happen if you have 2 screens plugged into your computer. What can sometimes happen is that people plug their computer in then they notice that the back of their monitor has 2 video ports, and they will plug both into the computer when you only need one.
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