a10-5700 Dual Graphics, no display until Windows


I bought a new PSU, Corsair CX500 and a XFX 6670. Hooked everything up, plugged a display into the 6670 and the APU cause I wasn't sure which one would display. No display came up till I got to Windows, it was the 6670. I know I have to go into the Bios and re-enable the integrated graphics since putting in the 6670 disabled it. Problem is, I can't see when I am in the bios.

My bios is up to date, ASUS says that the F2A85-M and a10-5700 is compatible with this setup... I am at a complete loss here.

Any help would be appreciated.

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    plug the display cable to the 6670 and boot into windows go into AMD CCC and enable dual graphics
  2. I figured it out. I had to prepare the BIOS prior to installing the 6670. Thanks though.
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