Would an ultra powerful WIFI antenna help me? PLEASE READ. DESPERATE.

This is going to be a rather lengthy question, please bear with me. Please pardon my ignorance, as well. I'm not as tech-savvy as I use to be.

Here's the problem:

I moved into my dream house three years ago. Before moving in, I was told the house was DSL-compatiable as the previous owners had it installed. However, when we moved in (womp womp), I was told by ATT that there were no longer any ports available...and I was out of luck. BUUUUT, my father-in-law lives next door. He has DSL. He has told us countless times, he would be more than willing to transfer his service to our house. I have contacted ATT rigorously about this for the past three years, but no cigar. I wouldn't be so adamant about this, but I own my own business and rely HEAVILY on internet usage. Would it be feasible to buy an ultra powerful WIFI antenna and simply leech off of his signal? I wouldn't care if I had to lay down 1-2 thousand dollars. Would it even be worth it; would it be just as fast? I have no idea.

By the way: my father-in-law lives roughly 1,050 feet away. We live on a heavily wooded mountain in BFE.

What is my best option? Do I have an option? Please help me. I would be forever grateful as I am about to lose my mind...
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  1. 1,000 feet, through heavy woods....that's going to be tough. Trees have a lot of moisture, and moisture really sucks up a WiFi signal.

    Disregarding the trees, do you have straight line of sight?
  2. Well, my father-in-law lives in a four story house. From his roof - you might have a straight line of sight... But, I'm not entirely sure.

    And thanks for your quick response. :)
  3. 2 directional antennas (pointed right at each other) would likely do the trick. Each could be connected to an access point on each end of the network.
  4. Would distance affect speed? Any brands you would recommend? Thanks. :)
  5. Here is a config that I recommended to another member a couple of months ago (see this thread):

    Distance, electrical interference, a flock of random birds, can all impact the signal. Not trying to be flippant, just making you aware that there will be times where the connection will not be optimal.
  6. Indeed and thank you. I am just tired of being told NO by AT&T. Not sure why they can't transfer my father-in-law's service to my house...but, anyways. There has to be a solution. Satellite internet is capped... It's just not fair.
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    Yes the distance affects the speed but it is likely you will still get more than a dsl connection can deliver. Both ubiquiti and engenius sell outdoor bridge equipment. You do not just want to buy antenna and hook them to routers it is no longer cost effective. It is actually about the same cost to buy units that contain the antenna and the electronics in one unit compared to a antenna and microwave coax.

    This unit is overkill for you application.

    It will easily go 1000ft with a unit on both ends if you have clear line of site....the manufacture says 20km but that I don't believe. These are a little big size wise. There are smaller units that will still go the distance you want from both ubiquiti and engenius. I have used equipment from both.

    The units I linked you can get in most places for about $75 each so about $150 plug costs to connect it to the building.

    This in effect appears to be a long ethernet cable between the locations. You would connect one end to the router than runs the internet and the other to a AP in your house to provide wireless and ethernet to your house.
  8. The DSL signal is very distance dependent. As far is your house, by wire, from the next junction box? Not line of sight, but by the actual wire. Your house 1000 feet away may go in a completely different direction to get to the same box as the other house does. And as such, the actual wired DSL may not work.
  9. As bill001g said, your father in law can keep his service and share it with you if you roof mount a couple of outdoor directional APs aimed at each other since you have line of sight, but the higher above the trees the better. Here is a picture that will make the set up clear:

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