Blank blue screen when booting (after update)

Hey guys,
I finally finished my new build today. Got windows installed, graphics utilities installed, and most of my mobo utilities installed. However, upon completing updates and rebooting my system loads up normally until a screen where there is a circle of spinning dots that indicate windows is loading (this is before I even get to the log in screen). Anyway, the screen is just flat blue, not errors, no graphics, nothing. It just sits there and never gets past it. However, after a few reboots it will go to the windows restore option and I am able to restore to before the updates. However, since I dont have any updated software/drivers, I can't do much. I really need to get all these updates. I have tried and failed 3 times now. ATM I have all of my stuff downloaded, but I have yet to reboot. what could the issue be?

I found this

(not even sure this is what I need), but I can't seem to get to safe mode. I am using windows 8.1 on an asus maximus vi formula mobo.
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  1. Solution: ***You will need as many possible video outputs as you can get for this (HDMI,VGA,DVI...) First Clean install your operating system (make sure to turn auto updates off during the install will have to do a custom install for this option). Then install as many updates as you can without restarting the computer MAKE SURE that you do not reboot the pc until you have updated your mobo, graphics card, and OS to their fullest. Some updates will require previous updates (which require you to reboot the pc, ignore them for now). Then you want to reboot the pc in safe mode. At this point you will need to find the option for "low resolution mode". Select that. Up until this point I was using VGA, however, when I entered low resolution mode my VGA quit and my HDMI worked for some reason (So make sure you check all possible video sources). Once you are logged into your account you will need to update every possible item on your computer. At this point all of the components should be up to date and compatable. Change the screen resolution to whatever you want and reboot your PC. Everything should work now.
  2. Don't mean to bump an old topic (but for the sake of future problems.) If you are getting a blank blue screen but not a black one, you may need to check if you have anything else plugged into the video card. I had a secondary monitor that I never used, but after updates it was turned into the primary and disabled my mouse on the first monitor.
  3. I had this issue today and I got the Login screen to load by spamming F8.
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