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I've been looking to add a second monitor for gaming and browsing but can't really decide on what to get. I've been leaning towards the BenQ XL2420TE but I started realizing I don't get over 120fps while playing games like BF4 and I only achieve average of 80fps. Also, many other games I play aren't really highly graphic and fps based. ex. Torchlight II,Heroes of Newerth. So can someone suggest a monitor that will be good for my use? I would like to use below $300 and prefer sites are Amazon,Tigerdirect. Looking for 1920x1080p and 24"/27". Don't know if it's worth grabbing a 120hz monitor.
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    Well, judging you have a GTX 770, you should really invest in a G-Sync monitor which will be expected to release in Q2 this year. G-Sync will allow you to have a more consistent frame rate and they all feature 120Hz+ refresh rates to compliment the G-Sync's smooth velvet like experience.

    If you do not want to wait and just want a monitor, 120Hz can be pretty cool if you never experienced it before. You will notice the 120Hz even in browsing or applications as you will see your cursor or web pages move very fluidly, and recommend the monitor Sweeny has suggested above.. "Asus VG248QE ". (This panel uses TN to achieve the high refresh rate and has 6 bit color)

    If you could care less about the 120Hz refresh rate and rather have better image quality from IPS monitors which deliver a full range of true 8 bit color and wider viewing angles, then I suggest this monitor.
  2. sweenytodd said:

    Running 3x of these monitors. Awsome for gaming at 144hz. Very bright screens though even when dimmed down. I have heard that some people it bothers their eyes because apparently it uses some sort of pulsing for the high refresh rate. That being said for first person shooters its a lot of fun because you don't get much in the way if any motion blur. For general gaming probably a decent IPS monitor would be more than enough.
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