Considering Laptop over building my own PC, Thoughts, Suggestions?.

Basically I want a gaming rig for Skyrim, Fallout, and Fallout 4 whenever it arrives(These games are all i play). I want to be able to MOD, but nothing very extreme. I want to play on High/Ultra settings with no lag.

Here's my questions/problems.

Will the cheapest y510P handle this? Do I really neeeed 16GB RAM? Which one of these will handle it? Or do i need the best one?

Also, yes, i know it is a laptop. I live far from home and a laptop is more convenient. I have given some thought into building my own PC, however, it is still going to cost me $700+ to make a PC capable of what i want. Is it really worth it to even build a PC? Because i mean... the laptop has two GPU's (and good ones at that), plenty of RAM, i5 or i7, an SSD i can put Skyrim on directly, etc etc. ALSO, if i buy the laptop and it doesn't meet my expectations, i can simply return it! But if i build a PC that is only a few hundred cheaper than the laptop, and it doesnt meet my expectations i am stuck with it!

What do you guys think? I dont have much hair left to pull out.
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  1. It sounds like you have some good reasons to choose the laptop, especially the portability factor. other than being able to move it around better, a desktop is almost always going to get you a better price. if you know that you'll be satisfied performance-wise then it might be worth the extra, especially because your range of games is limited.
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    The biggest downsides to gaming on a laptop are, the resolution/screen size, and generally lower powered parts. The one other thing to consider is, if a part dies, or needs upgrading to extend the life of, or boost the performance of the computer, it's easily done in a desktop, where it's not in a laptop.

    It's possible to game on a laptop, especially if you use a docking station, external monitors, keyboard/mouse, etc...However, that kind of hurts the portability factor.
  3. I have always used desktops, but bought a Nexus 7 last August. That spoiled me for mobility so I bought a gaming laptop for use on our balcony. The lappy has, of course, it's shortcomings since I use a mouse and joystick, but I'm generally happy with the compromise, though I'm still a desktop fan. Nothing beats a desktop at home for serious game play, flight simulation in my case.
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