How do I connect my PS2 to my Monitor?

Hello there,

I have a Dell Ultrasharp U2412M ( and wish to connect my PS2 to this so I don't have to have a monitor and a tv in my room, space is tight as it is.

From the RCA's that come out of the playstation 2 where do I go from there. My monitor has a VGA port, it has multiple ports but I think this is the only relevant one. I have seen a few devices but I looking for a cheap solution.

A box with RCA inputs and a vga cable coming out the other end. Anyone heard of something like this?

Thanks, Frank
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  1. Sure! Just do a Google search for "rca to vga adapter" and you should come up with plenty of options :-)
  2. Ah yeah I have come across these. All the reviews look so poor though. Only 1 way to find out I suppose

    Nice one

    Any other maybe more expensive, but reliable solutions?
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