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Hello everyone. So I have had issues with my wireless in my home for about 6 months now and here I am looking for a solution or just a correct troubleshooting direction.

So, here is what I know. About a year ago I introduced a new homebuilt PC into the home network, and for a while there was a great deal of issues with "Invalid IP Configuration" on the Windows network diagnostics client, but usually a quick restart and some patient waiting would do the trick. However, now for whatever reason my whole home is experiencing network issues.

Everyday we are faced with either "Invalid IP Configuration" , "DNS Server not Responding", and finally a full 5 bar connection that says "Identifying... No Internet Access". Now, I got my laptop to connect sucessfully everytime for about 3 days now by creating a static IP for it, but my homebuilt machine even with a static IP still doesn't always work. Sometimes I will IP Config after an assigned static IP and recieve an IPv4 with a ridiculous range that obviously can't be supported by my router.

So I am at this point where sometimes I restart my router and there is sucessful connection, and sometimes there is not. Now, I am only a high school student, but do a daily 4-6 Hour internship with my high schools IT Technician which only does hardware stuff so although I am very hardware tech savy, the world of networking is still somewhat new to me, so I apologize ahead of time if my troubleshooting information is not helpful, I will post any pictures of any error messages or cmd information anyone needs. SO anyways, here is some information about my network.

4 Wireless phones.
3 Laptops.
1 Desktop (My gaming PC rig)
1 Wii (Used for netflix in home living room)
1 Wireless Printer
Possible network usage from televisions, not too sure on that though.

Here are some theories that might be at cause here? Not sure if any are logical, remember I am new to network troubleshooting.

So, what I want to know is this. Sometimes at our school we run out of available IPs because of how many phones are on campus and need to allow more, maybe something like this is present here?

Maybe my router is broken and is assigning the same IPv4 to multiple devices causing a network confliction?

Maybe a particular service on the network is causing issues? (I play a lot of Dota 2 and whenever I have been in games for the past weeks it drops randomly even though my internet seems to be working fine elsewhere)

Is my ISP shit? I have Roadrunner and their turbo service.

Maybe our internet plan is not enough for all the devices at use on the network?

Any help, or direction on help would be greatly noted. Right now I am on my PC but it is like I need to restart my router every time I turn on a machine. Thanks for any responses. I remind you I can post pictures to anything that would help out with the troubleshooting process. Also, if anyone knows a better place I could go for help, please post. Thank you.
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  1. To answer some of your post, DHCP, the service that assigns IP addresses to your devices supports 2^8=256 IP addresses (minus a few reserved), so your ok with that. You want to try to isolate the problem.

    Does connecting with ethernet solve this problem? If it does, sounds like a WiFi issue. If there are a lot of WiFi networks in your area, try changing the broadcast channel.

    Can you connect to your LAN? Try to ping your router's IP address in command prompt. Then try to ping a website like google.

    If your computer can connect to the LAN over WiFi and ethernet, but not to the WWW, an possible problem that I have encountered is a bad splitter. If you are using a splitter to divide your cable to your TV and router, try connecting the router directly to the coaxial instead of through the splitter.

    Something that I have done is try specifying a different DNS server. My download speed is good but ISP has crappy DNS servers, so it does not resolve domain names to IP addresses quickly. You can specify your computer to query other DNS servers instead. Somewhere in your control panel, you can find your IPv4 settings and specify it to use Google's DNS address which is and
    You can just search "using google dns" and you can also configure your router to use these settings.

    Remember, using the ping command is very helpful.

    Hope that helps
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