Installing windows 8.1 + all drivers without internet, can it be done?

Basically I'm building a new rig, so I need to install windows 8.1+ drivers and my graphics cards drivers (amd)!
However I have just moved and do not yet have internet, although I have access to a friends pc with internet! (can I download the drivers for both on a usb? I know this is possible for the graphics card driver but can I do it for Windows?)
I don't particularly want to take my pc to my friends due to it Bering quite far away and will have to use public transport, before some smartass says to just do that!
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  1. Find and download all the drivers on a USB or CD. Build, install Windows, install the drivers. No problem.
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    all of the parts will come with driver discs already (if not buying used), so there is no problem there.

    You will need internet to activate win8, or to set up a user account with a Microsoft account (which is suggested), so you might want to take it next door once you get the OS up and running to get that out of the way (otherwise MS will bother you all day long about possibly using stolen software and such. super annoying).

    Once you get the internet turned on at your new home you will want to do updates, and get the latest drivers for your hardware.

    Congrats on the new place and the new PC
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