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I have bought a new 2,5" Toshiba USB3 2TB external HDD, I partitioned it GPT style with 1 NTFS partition in full size. When I plug it in, I have to manually assign a drive letter each time. When I safely remove it, a ghost drive remains: it is not there in storage management, but in "My Computer", and I cannot delete it or reassign the drive letter. Addition: the external drive is recognised from smartctl as scsi. Any ideas?
edit: the PC has only USB2 ports, the ghost drive disappears after reboot, and the OS is Win7 Ultimate 64bit
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    okay, I've got the solution: I partitioned the drive with GParted, and Windows somehow needs and additional partition at the beginning of the drive, which GParted does not create. So after reformatting the drive with Windows Storage Manager it works like charm.
  2. Glad you fixed it.
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