PC Crashes and BSoD's while in 3DMark11 and Prime 95

As the title says, I'm not not able to complete any 3DMark11 or Prime 95 stress test at all. I will see either the BSOD or the test literally freezes, either stopping and returning to the desktop or staying on one frame endlessly and I pull the plug on my computer to avoid any further damage. Along with this issue, I'm having problems getting smooth consistent framerates in various games at settings that should be at Ultra. Occasionally I get blue screens while playing WoW, CoD Ghosts, and Skyrim with Mods running. With the rig I've got, I should be able to at least run HIGH settings at 60-75 FPS constant (In some cases my framerate will take a dive into the 30-40 range).

Here is a list of BSOD Errors I've come across either while gaming or running the benchmarks:

Here is also a list of things I've done to fix the issue with no resolution:

I also noticed in the action center I saw repeated messages about my graphics card hardware, although it appears to be running just fine outside of any major tests. I'll be more than happy to upload any other error log files if one of you could instruct me on where to find them.

Windows onboard diagnostics appear to tell me that all of my equipment is fine, although I'd really prefer finding some advanced utilities to test the memory, hard disk, graphics card, etc. if anybody had any suggestions.

And finally, my system specs:
AMD 8350 FX 8-core running at stock speeds
EVGA Nvidia GTX 660 TI 2GB
8 GB Gskill Ripjaw Series DDR3 1600 Mhz RAM
ASUS M5987 Mobo
Corsair GS700 700 Watt PSU
Windows 8 (I'm pretty sure I didn't run into these problems with Windows 7 installed, although I don't remember much)

Sorry for the lengthy post, I'm usually pretty good about finding the answers to issues like this, however I think further diagnostics and troubleshooting will be required. Thanks for all of your help in advance.
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    Monitor your temps, maybe your CPU/GPU is overheating (even if you upgraded your CPU Cooler, perhaps you didn't apply the thermal paste correctly).

    As for the BSODs... when many of apparent random causes appear, it's most likely to be your RAM, first try applying default settings in your BIOS, sometimes "magic" happens and the memory values get changed (including voltages) leading to issues, after that, test them with memtest86 (
  2. I've been watching temps, they all seem to be just fine throughout most games, however its hard to monitor them when the benchmark tests are in full screen and the test ends up crashing, losing those readings before the system restarts. During Prime 95, the temps don't appear to raise too terribly high before a system halt.

    I followed specific instructions to apply a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol to a cue tip to clean the processor first before applying a generous amount, spreading out a small even layer across the entire processor with a paper clip. Arctic Silver is what I used. Judging from the performance boost I saw after the upgrade, and the general problems that still occur, I don't believe the processor overheating is the cause.

    Yes, I've heard much about potential bad RAM. I'll have to give that a shot. I believe the values are all set to default already, I'll have to double check. Thanks for the utility.
  3. Actually another thing I noticed is that my motherboard attempts to be smart-overclocking my processor for me...right now it's sitting at 4.1 GHz idle. I went into my bios and did some tinkering, changed most of it back to "auto," and noticed it had my ram being detected at 1333 mhz, switched it up to 1600 mhz.

    I'm fairly certain the motherboard's utilities might be causing this. I'll run some more tests and return back with more info.


    Well it appears after tinkering around with the memory frequency in the BIOS, I may have resolved my problem. Finally finished my first 3DMark11 test, here are the results:

    So I suppose the problem has been curved...for now. If I run into any more issues I will return. Thanks for the assistance RaDiKaL_!
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