Invisible files taking up space on my SSD

I can't find some large files hoarding space on my SSD. Folder properties indicates a folder is huge, but the searchable folder contents are miniscule.


Sorry I had typed out a more thorough diagnosis of my problem on the front page but it appears to have dropped it while registering.

When I say, right click C:/Users it's 3.4GB Drilling down through gives me two folders "Trystyr" and "Public"

Trystyr is 3.2GB by properties, Public is 200MB.

Drilling own into Trystyr and selecting everything visible only quantifies 590MB. I tried looking for "show hidden" stuff, but I can't seem to locate it in Windows 7.
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  1. hidden folder/file viewing on?
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    Had a similiar issue on my bosses computer. Possible very simple solution I used was tree in command prompt and piped the output to a text file to go through. Found hundreds of old video files from surveillance was taking up tons of memory.
    In cmd:
    tree >output.txt
    tree -f >output.txt

    can't remember, don't use Windows much. But will write your entire directory tree to output.txt and you can just go through and search for large numbers of unidentified files.
  3. Even windirstat won't show the size of everything. "System Volume Information" (where restore points live), for example, is not accessible by even an admin user and will always show "0" for size.
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