Need Fast Replies - Are SSD's really the size they say they are?

I Have an SSD with 88.2GB of free space I am downloading a game (24GB total) to it and have downloaded 500MB of data but my SSD now only has 87.5GB of data left- why?.

Also if I fill up my SSD and move the file out will it slow down and make it so that I can't reuse some of that storage

Would it be better to download it on my HDD (1TB) and then drag the file over?
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  1. I have only just got the SSD and I don't really know much about it, it has reset the counter now and it is the same amount for both but the SSD Captivity has started dropping faster again. if I leave it on overnight and it fills up will most of my nand cells be unusable or will it stop after a limit is reached. and is it 20% of your SSD that you are supposed to leave empty?
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