Case with built-in motherboard standoffs?

I have an Antec ISK600, and it looks like it has built in standoffs already that line up exactly with my mini-ITX motherboard holes, so I am pretty sure those are the standoffs.
Do I just put the motherboard on those? And am I suppose to screw a screw in on top, after I install it? My case came with a bunch of screws also
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  1. Yes, that case has built-in standoffs. The MB will sit on them and you will use the correct screws to secure it. Don't over-tighten. Just snug. But be sure to use the correct screws if there's an assortment.
  2. Ok got it. There are 3 different types of screws that came with the case, and I can't really figure out which one to use because the manual doesn't say. But after portioning them out, I see one type of screw only came with 4 of them, so it must be that one, it looks like it has a washer connected to the bottom of the head of the screw?

    Also, I thought the motherboard could shorted out if it touches metal? I'm just curious about this, as I am sure the makers of the case and motherboard have taken this into consideration
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    Try the screws on the threaded standoffs to be sure they are the correct ones. But yes, the MB screws usually have wider heads to ground the board.

    Speaking of which, the MB is suppose to be grounded by the mounting posts and screws. If you look close, the spot that the screws go is a grounding trace on the printed circuit board.
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