Can't find Windows 7 Home Premium Full Retail anywhere online to buy

Im helping my friend build a computer and we're trying to find Windows 7 home premium full retail, NOT OEM, but cant find it anywhere. I recently built a computer myself roughly 2 months ago and bought Windows 7 for myself. I've gone back on my order histories on the websites I purchased my parts from but couldn't find Windows 7 anywhere in my purchase history so for some reason it was removed. It cost me $200 but the only one I can find is $400 on Amazon which is ridiculous. Can someone tell me where to find Windows 7 for ~$200?
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  1. That linked me to OEM. I'm looking for the full retail version. NOT OEM
  2. That still didnt work. It just brought me to the websites home page. I searched for windows 7 and everything they have is OEM.
  3. It will go to the Retail version of Windows 7 Home. Use the part number GFC-00025

    Edit: In NCIX Canada :/
  4. I still get nothing. I copied the part number and got no results. Like I said before, the only windows 7 products they have on that sight are OEM. I found nothing that is full retail
  5. ok I didnt see the edit to use on Canada site. Can my friend use the upgrade version if he doesnt have any OS installed? Or will he have to get the other one? Also do they ship to US?
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