looking for a headphones and desk microphone setup

I am currently looking for a new audio setup for gaming, listening to music and movies on my computer in general. Along with being able to have clear communications on Skype. With low background noise and no voice alteration. Since in some games that can make a huge difference.

Currently thinking about a headphone setup with a desk microphone.
Looking to buy the Audio-Technica ATH-M50s ( (I am also wondering if that is a good choice of headphones). but not too sure what desktop microphones sound good. I've gone through quite a lot of Razor/Steel Series/Turtle Beach gaming headsets that seem to break within a year so i'm looking for something a bit more durable...

Also, I am considering a sound card. Now; I actually have almost no knowledge about sound cards. I've been told both, that they help and that they bring little; to almost no difference in sound quality. I've currently purchased the, "ASUS MAXIMUS VI HERO Motherboard" with, "ROG SupremeFX Audio 8-Channel High Definition Audio"( Is this enough? Or would investing into a card be worth the audio change? I'm willing to spend a few hundred dollars more, along with the headphones for a good setup.
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  1. that would be good, but you can try razer orca? or even the new logitech headphones, check them out..
    and look for headsets in the brand sites like ttesports, razer, logitech, steelseries, corsair etc..
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    personally I greatly prefer headphones + separate mic but I also listen to music a lot...

    The M50 (I own a pair) is a very good pair of headphones for the money...

    The ATH M50's don't really require a separate headphone amp .. I can power mine fine with my smart phone, If it was me I'd try the headphones w/ the onboard audio first at least if it wasn't doing it for you, then you can look at a new soundcard.

    I feel I should add however (and in general many closed headphone designs will have this issue) but the sound stage isn't the very best w/ the m50's , open headphones tend to be best for gaming however they come with there own pitfalls (noise leaking in and out, and frequently less bass than closed headphones).

    depending on your budget another great headphone to consider is the Beyerdynamic DT770 (these will from a headphone amp) there are different versions mine are the Pro 80s (80ohms) and they sound much better with my FiiO E09K /E07K than without a headphone amp. Super comfortable

    some nice open headphones
    Beyerdynamic DT880, AKG K701, Senn 558,598 or more expensive 600 or 650's

    Some inexpensive options

    Takstar Pro 80 / Gemini DJ HSR-1000 (same thing different branding gemini's cheaper on amazon)
    JVC HA-RX700

    Takstar HI2050
    Pioneer SE-A1000
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