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Okay so the new a10 7850k just came out and I was wondering if a 180 w psu would be enough, it says it is 95 watts, but the power supply says 65 watt or lower Cpu, but I saw a video on YouTube, and he had all of his pc components in a suitcase and he said he was using a 160 w Pico power supply, so I'm just wondering if 180 watts is enough to power the 95 watts of the apu
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    Short answer is no and yes. No if you want to have a GPU and high end components. Yes if you wont a computer with just a fast CPU.
    I would consider getting a 500w PSU maybe by Cooler Master or another good company. I'm upgrading to a 125W CPU and buying a 500w to power it so I think that speaks for it's self. Hope this helps :)
  2. 180 watt psu just sounds bad why would u ever want to go that low?
  3. If that's all you going to have in the pc then's it's ok, But if not you need more, So you ok for now.
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