Gtx 760 oc, i5 3470 3.2 ghz, 8 gb ram, 1 TB HDD! Is it better then the PS4 ?

I was wondering if my pc specs are better then the ps4, and could i run games better quality with the same framerate like the ps4. So for example Battlefield 4 60 fps, but a bit better graphic quality then the ps4?

Specs: geforce gtx 760 oc, i5 3470 3.2 ghz, 8 gb of ram, 1 TB HDD, and I've got a great 60 hz monitor...
Please help guys !!! :)
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  1. Yes, easily.
  2. @ProWilma how? I mean whats better and could i keep a solid fps with better graphics then the ps4?
  3. Your system would be better, you should be able to keep a rock solid FPS in any game released in 2013.
  4. It's hard to compare because the platforms are so different.
    The PC is faster, and it offers many different options when it comes to customization including textures, field of view, anti aliasing, filtering, vertical sync, etc.
    Pcs are far better for battlefield and fps games in general.
  5. @Android Yeah, I get that, but I heard the ps4 has a 8 core cpu, and has a gpu that you can compare to a hd7870. Right? So isn't a 8 core better then a i5 quad core, and ps4 is optimised for gaming only...
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    Go to wal mart and try a ps4?

    PC is better (to me) for a lot of reasons.

    You can do a lot more with them, games are a lot cheaper, you can upgrade the PC, keyboard and mouse is way better for fps or rts games - not to mention there are entire genres of games not found on the console.

    The PC is faster and has much more potential. If you prefer the simpler - albeit inferior - plug and play gaming, then by all means go for ps4.

    Credit where credit is due consoles have come a long way. But I remain a PC gamer...
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