VGA_LED when increasing RAM speed

When I increase the RAM speed to 1866 like this ram is meant to be, the computer wont restart and the VGA_LED comes on. I have to use the MEMOK button to get it working. I think its set at auto now, whats wrong?

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  1. please post your whole hardware parts. and are u just change the speed but leave the ram timing auto or u also set the timing manually
  2. ASUS M5a99FX PRO R2.0
    GTX 770
    GS800 psu
    AMD FX 8350

    In bios there was just a drop down list of speeds mhz. I just put it on 1866 and restarted
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    The cpu and mobo seems fine...

    the thing to do :

    stick just one ram and set it to 1866 see if it boot?

    if it boot try run extended memtest for about 2-3 cycles... if it show no error try the other stick...

    if both are fine, then need to check each slot if there a damaged slot (by try insert 1 ram and boot, try another slot,...)

    slot combination 1-3, and 2-4 see if it work...

    the last thing if it still don't work/no failure detected I would try update the mobo BIOS..
    (it risky, but it also bring some fix & improvement)

    This a long process in testing........... and if it don't work there a problems else where...
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