No signal on monitor one long beep 2 short beeps cant get into bios

Just like the title says i recently got a new power supply and everything starts up fine except for this beeping and when it isnt beeping nothing shows up on the monitor anyway. I also tried everything on the No post/boot checklist thing. the motherboard i have is an asus M5A78L-MLX Plus. I've tried reseating the ram reseating the cpu tried the onboard video and two different graphics cards. I know the graphics cards are good because they work in another machine in my house.
What am i not doing here?
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  1. Remove the memory and try boot to bios
    EDIT: Wait no, that only works on servers I believe
  2. I think with Asus boards that only happens when there is something wrong with the RAM, have you done anything to it?
  3. nope nothing has been done to the ram.
  4. Are they the same size, speed, brand etc etc
  5. they are exactly the same.
  6. Odd, Are they listed as supported memory in your motherboards manual?
  7. i have no idea but until now they were the sticks i always used in this machine and it worked fine for 2 years.
  8. So I guess it's not the memory then, have you tried plugging your monitor into the on-board port?
  9. yup. still nothing.
  10. Okay, the only thing I can think of now is to pull everything out of the motherboard and clean the connectors as while as the pins, if there is just a enough dust to block one pin from is connector the whole computer wont work. If that doesn't work out then something is probably broken/fried.
  11. Also, leave the case open when you turn it on and make sure all your fans turn on when you press the power button
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