Is My CPU running TOO hot? AMD FX-8350

i have a FX-8350 running at 4.0ghz with a Silverstone TD02. While idle its 35 degrees. BTW it is in a small room full of Pcs.

Pc Specs:
Case: CM Storm Trooper
Mobo: Asrock 990fx Extreme3
Cpu: AMD FX-8350
Cpu Cooler: Silverstone TD02
Ram: Gskill Ares 1866mz (2 x 8)
SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 120gb
HDD: WD 1tb
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  2. No I dont think thats hot, its perfectly normal but tell me what your temps are when you render or play games, also I dont think its overclocked so thats fine and make sure you have a good case with good airflow and also it depends on what cooler your using so let me know, lastly make sure your room is not too hot or your case will intake hot air, but I think 35 is fine
  3. at 4.0 ghz thats fine :D
  4. the temps on my fx 8350 were are about the same as yours maybe a lil higher, and when I would run the stability test in amd overdrive. I'm not overclocking just checking to make sure my new system is running and there isn't any errors. My cpu would spike over 75c and hit 81c at one point before I could stop the test. Idk if those are accurate temps or not but it was too hot. I bought a cool master 212evo and some tuniq tx-4, and now i couldn't get the temp over 49c on full load. idle temps are around 25c. I also removed the nb heat sink and replaced the heat pad they have on there with some of the tuniq I bought and added another intake fan that blows right over the heat sink. Dropped my nb temps by 30c under full load.
    while those temps may be within spec it seemed to hot to me. my phenom 955 never got warm enough to even speed the cpu fan up.
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