Help my monitor won't display a thing

I need help, my pc was fine yesterday but today i tried do something stupid. I got a new samsung 840 evo 250 gb, since i didn't have the usb adapter i tried to directly plug it to the sata cable thinking it would work and i would clone my data from my 500 gb hdd. Then when i turned on my pc it did turn on but my monitor wasn't displaying a thing. After that I removed the ssd and turned on my pc, the wasn't a thing on the monitor... So what can I do to bring back my display? :??:

My spec:
- intel 3570K
-gtx 650
-4gb memory
-z77 mpower
-500 gb hdd
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  1. Try your on-board graphics and if that doesn't work try removing your GTX
  2. Have you tried both your graphics card and mobo video out?
  3. wow im such a clumsy guy, looks like my gpu wasn't even plugged in to the psu, after i plug it in my monitor works. thx guys for telling me to check my gpu and im srry that im a stupid guy
  4. Hahaha we all make mistakes mate :)
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