Witch card to Sly/Cross for gaming actually due to low cost

2 gtx 660 Ti or Oc ....360.00...
2 gtx 760 ..... 475.00-500.00...
2 R9 270.........410.00....
2 gtx 770..........680.00.........
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  1. well if you're looking for low cost there is really only one choice, the GTX 660Ti SLI because it's the cheapest
  2. Is there any chart similar to benchmarks but for Sli/cross video cards?
  3. they're usually just added onto normal GPU benchmarks but I don't think there are benchmarks for purely SLI/Crossfire,3297-14.html

    this is something that compares a 660 SLI to a 7850 Crossfire so it'll be similar to 660Ti vs R9 270 dual setups, but this is over a year old so there's not been much recent ones, not that I could find with a quick google search anyway
  4. I think I can't get 1080p with the 660...
  5. what? yes you can, hell you can get 1080p with a single 660, it's not like you'll be able to run Crysis 3 super ultra everything maxed out with a 660, but it'll run all of the latest on medium and high settings, and if you go back slightly to somewhat older games like the witcher 2 or BF3 then you can run those on high/ultra settings, with a SINGLE 660
  6. I am still confused but with recent prices drops I changed options.

    Here :

    2 GTX 770
    2 GTX 670 OR 680

    What do you think?
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    2 GTX 680s will perform about the same as 2 GTX 770s, since they are basically the same GPU but with some clock tweaks.

    go for the GTX 770s, the 600 series geforce graphic cards above 660 are overpriced, because they don't make them anymore, they've been replaced by the 700 series
  8. gtx 770 with 2 or 4 G?
  9. you won't need the 4GB unless you'll be using your computer at ultra high resolutions, like 1440p and above.
  10. In fact, for SLI configurations of high end cards, you'll want to play games like BF4, and then 4GB of RAM is a sensible choice.
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