my toshiba 2TB hard driver powers on after some time, and then LED flashes in unusual pattern , but my laptop is not reading i

My hard drive has been working well, just the other day when i tried using it, and it couldn't work. I connected the power adapter, but it only came on after some time and the LED was flashing in an unusual pattern, my laptop is not reading it. What could be wrong with it? please help
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    It could be simply dies.... (this a common in HDD/ssd)..

    Try testing it in another system, if it also doesn't detected in other system the remove the hard disk from the enclosure and connect it in desktop pc.. see if it still detected/running on pc..

    If it still running then it could be the usb/adapter/enclosure problem, if it also not detected by bios in desktop then not much can be done than claim warranty/RMA
  2. time to change sata data cable thats it try upgrading the firmware.
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