Uninstall or change a program empty after clean Windows 8.1 Pro install

Hello Everyone,

So I believe my title is self explanatory, but nonetheless here's what's going on. I have a Toshiba Laptop; P50T-A, which was originally shipped with Windows 8 OEM. Meaning it had all the junk Toshiba deems necessary to have on a brand new laptop. In the past I have always used OEM disks to do a “clean” install of windows. Afterwards I would go through and delete whatever programs I didn't want. This time however I decided that I wanted to decide what would be on my laptop, so I went ahead and purchased the full version of Windows 8.1 PRO from Microsoft. I backed up my drivers, and went ahead with the install. For the most part everything went well, however when I got to the desktop I immediately jumped into the control panel to open up the device manager, and the “uninstall or change a program.” Device manager looks like it's supposed to, with a ton of icons letting me know I need to install drivers, however when I jumped over to uninstall or change a program I noticed something I've never seen before... Nothing. Not a single program shows up here. Now in the past, using OEM disks of course, there would be a numerous amount of programs, ranging from the 3rd party junk, all the way to what looked like windows programs. This is the first time Ive ever seen this blank.

Before I move any further with installing my drivers and whatever software my hardware needs, I want to make sure this is normal. Should there be anything listed here after doing a clean install and before restoring my drivers? Or did something go wrong during the installation? One last thing to add, I did install Samsung Magician to see if it would show up here and it did, now it says 1 program installed on the bottom of the window. Because of this I don't think there's an issue with the list of programs populating. Thank you for your help!
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    All is good! This is how its supposed to be. None of the usual 3rd party software is critical for the system to run. Just install your drivers and whatever software you need! If you happen to like a specific piece of bloatware then i am sure you can find it for download on the product support page of your laptop.

    (might be of use)
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