100% GPU Usage When Connected to the Internet

My GPU Usage spikes to 100% after I connect to the Internet (delay of 1-2 minutes), scanned my PC with MalwareBytes, MS Security Essentials, the problem's still there. Updated driver, Rebooted, etc. and it's still there! Help, because my HD 7850 reached 80C and its fan is like "BWOOOSH" which can be heard even when I'm watching my TV or cooking! About to RMA my GPU, but figured I'd ask here first. Oh yeah, and I use Win7x64 with SP1 installed.
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  1. checked with ur drivers? its either a software conflict or else hardware is faulty !
  2. first thy disabling the gpu accelaration on flash player and if continious try an other browser.maybe a driver problem
  3. Windows is a fresh install, no driver conflicts, and this happens even when I don't open my browser. Hardware acceleration disabled in Flash, I never enabled it.
  4. clear cmos re install the vga and see what happens
  5. No need to reinstall the GPU, had it for a year, it worked fine with x86 before. What's cmos? Oh yeah, and if I turn off the internet, it goes back to 0% again.
  6. So I reinstalled it anyway, nothing changes.
  7. are you 100% sure that you do not have any kind of virus/malware whatever?
    it MUST calculate something when it runs 100%
    Is this happens when you open you browser, or your computer connected to the internet?
    What happens if you disconnect the internet?

    I have heard that there are some malwares that actually doing coin mining on cards and as you have an AMD card and runs at 100% it might be possible
  8. MalwareBytes and MSE didn't found anything, so.....
    And it resets to 0% if I disconnect.
    I also didn't find any suspicious proccesses in Task Maneger.
  9. cmos is when reset bios to default settings. but im pretty sure is a software problem. by ''connecting'' you mean establishing comunication with you isp through wifi or ehternet, or when opening browser?
  10. LAN didn't do a single thing, modem too.
    It's when I connect to the internet. It isn't my ISP, because I change modems(they have different ISPs), and it's still there.
    I'm now confident this is a software issue.
  11. also check for any wierd processes on windows task manager. also try if there are any windows updates that may catch something. also do uninstall your current protection see what happens. try windows essensials
  12. The problem is I use Microsoft Security Essentials already and I checked for weird proccesses and found none.
  13. try an other vga is problem persists it is your gpu. before doing that is there a chance 7850 has dual bios? is yes try a switch
  14. Did you format the hard drive during the windows install, or reinstall without formatting?
    The motherboard BIOS is carried in a Read Only Memory chip, its contents cannot be changed without specialised reprogramming hardware (in many cases it can't be changed at all). During manufacture, the BIOS is transferred to a low power consumption (CMOS) memory chip, also on the motherboard, and its contents CAN be changed. When you make changes to the BIOS settings, you're changing the data held in this CMOS chip and not the ROM. A small battery fitted to the motherboard provides power to keep the CMOS data intact. these batteries last for many years BTW.
    Check the motherboard manual or system documentation on how to reset the CMOS, usually it needs you to move a VERY small jumper or take the battery out for a few minuets, when power is restored the ROM contents will automatically be transferred to the CMOS.
    Try setting your firewall/internet security settings to a high level.
  15. Formatted, and yes I'll try the FireWall solution.
    @Chris: It doesn't have dual BIOS, I think.
  16. FireWall didn't change a thing.
  17. This is very odd.
    Does the card run at 100% all the time or just when you're on a particular site?
    Try changing browsers, Chrome is easy enough to install (and uninstall) to use for testing purposes.
  18. yes man this is realy odd.make sure you have tried everithing
  19. Chrone, IE, Mozilla does the same thing. I ran a MalwareBytes scan again and found about 8.... for now....
    EDIT1: 11
    EDIT2: 13
    EDIT3: Done and done, problem still there.
  20. To clarify my problem, this happens even when I don't open any browsers, as long as I have an Internet Connection, it happens.
  21. Ignore this. ISP made me double post.
  22. you fund malwares?
    If I were you I would do a full reinstall with a formatting C:
    it seems like something uses your GPU when you have internet connection

    I dont want to look like a paranoid guy or who just put up his foil hat, but those malwares seem to be interesting
  23. Malware was from my Win7x86 OS(D drive), C: isn't infected.
  24. Which chipset/motherboard drivers are installed?
    Are you connecting directly to the 'net or via a router? If it's via a router, try connecting the computer directly to the modem, bypassing the router.
    Seem to recall somewhere that some routers can be vulnerable to attacks if their security/password settings are left at factory defaults.
  25. I use a USB 4G modem.
    Windows installed drivers for everything except GPU automatically, so I don't know what my drivers are except the GPU.
  26. The just-out 14.1 Driver resolved this.
    Thanks for the support, guys!
  27. [;
  28. I have the same problem reported above, but I have a GTX 660 TI so the driver that it's mentioned is N\a for me...any insights about this?
  29. I have the same problem reported above, but I have a GTX 660 TI so the driver that it's mentioned is N\a for me...any insights about this?
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