High temperatures on Nvidia Geforce 8400GS 1GB DDR3 ????

I know this is an ancient card but i am going to replace it soon.Few days back i was hearing some weird noise from gpu fan.When i removed the fan from gpu board to clean it i accidentally swiped the liquid coolant on its chip while installing it back.Now after 5minutes of starting pc GPUz shows temp.of 49°C of gpu at 0%load.I never checked Gpu temp. before coolant being swiped off.
Now my question is, is it due to absence of coolant that there is such high temp.or it is normal for this card?????
This is still a good backup card for motherboards which dont have support for iGPU.
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    My GTX 260 at idle is around 46C, ambient is mid 20's. Seems fine to me. On the other hand my 660's are at sub 30's but those are much newer cards.
  2. Thanks for quick reply marc79
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