Looking for a 27" LED Monitor for gaming

Here is what I would like:

Quality LED with excellent image/color/contrast
178/178 viewing angles
No backlight bleed

I currently have an Asus 248h-P and I noticed it has 50:1 contrast ratio, I would like to see if I can get a better contrast ratio. I have also looked at An Asus 27" and a LG 27" and in the reviews people were stating that the image does not fit the entre screen, there are black bars on bothsides and top. Please help! my budget is $350.
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    I'm a big fan of dell. High quality screens, beautiful image. Some people say they aren't fast enough for gaming, but if you spend time doing other stuff (movies, internet, etc.) I think they are the best screen to have.

    If you want good viewing angles and great color, you want an IPS screen. If you want fast response time and 120Hz, you need a TN panel screen. Unfortunately you can't have the best of both worlds (yet, here's hoping technology improves).
  2. Thanks for the reply. The thing is, I don't want 120Hz because I only have a gtx 570. So I'm not ready to upgrade my gfx card. Anyways, I was thinking of the Dell. DO you have any others you would recommend? Thanks. I also want this to be a step up from my
  3. I'm sure Dell has something for your price point. They sell a LOT of units, so they have well refined manufacturing and an economy of scale, so you are getting top notch stuff.
  4. One of your biggest considerations should be where you buy it from, and the warranty offered. If something was to go wrong, it would cost a bomb to have it sent back.

    When I bought my Dell I paid a few bucks extra to get an extended warranty which included home pickup if something goes wrong. Something actually went wrong with my screen after two and half years of heavy use - they simply picked it up and left me with a brand new monitor (an updated version mind you, with much better specs!). So here I am, 6 years later with a top notch screen and having got my money's worth.

    tl;dr. get a warranty. try to buy from a storefront, and if you can't, make sure they offer to pick up any faulty parts free of charge. a $80 courier charge will blow any initial value you got early on from trying to save a few quid.
  5. Often you get the black bars on a monitor when hooking your gpu up to it using some form of digital connection such as HDMI or display port. This can be fixed by going into the gpu settings and adjusting the scaling value until the image fills the screen.
  6. Btw don't rely too heavily on customer reviews on sites like newegg. It's entirely possible a lot of them have never been able to compare monitors in real life, and just assume what they have bought is awesome quality when in fact it is quite sub-par. I was set on getting a particular monitor after reading countless rave reviews, and just before handing the money over I had a quick look in the store and was amazed at how poor the quality was. I ended up looking for a different monitor and am now very happy with my Dell monitor.
  7. The thing is I find Dell too expensive at the moment. I know they make great displays but I don't feel like spending that much on a monitor. Thanks for the help so far though. Has anyone here used the Acer G276HL before? Also yes, warranties are very important when I purchase electronics.
  8. I've been looking at the BenQ GW2750HM. Can anyone comment on it? Startup time, viewin g angle, how good for gaming... etc, thanks!
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