Suddenly High Cpu Usage when running games.

Hello to all of you, I may need some help, so I decided to register and go on to this forum because it looked like it had people who obviously can help. when I woke up I started playing Ghost Recon online, It really lagged it was taking alot of CPU usage, it never happened before Ghost Recon was smooth on medium graphics for me. then I played just cause, it doesnt really lag, it make stutter but, it also takes high CPU usage, Pinball also takes high CPU usage, I really want to solve this problem can anyone help?

Ghost recon online.

Just Cause 2


Pc without games running.

My pc without games.
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  1. your full specs please!
  2. GPU : GeForce GT 610, I know it sucks, but It didn't cause that much lagsuddenly.
    Processor : Intel Core I5 3330
    6 GB of RAM
    Windows 7 (64 Bit)

    My games like 4 days ago used to run well.
  3. this isnt gpu for gaming! online gaming draws extra cpu resources. you have a nice cpu and a terrible gpu you are looking for an even match. also better use ever pairs of ram like 2x2 or 2x4 to get advantage of the dual channel memory controller. at least invest money for a 7770 with 2gb you ll see dramatical improvement!
  4. But It never lagged like this.
  5. look, as you progress on a game the in word is different some chapters are more graphically heavy. your gpu cannot provide you a constant performace. even a game patch could result on a worse need gpu least make sure you play on a low resolution. a 80$ gpu will resurrect you!
  6. I see your point, but as much as I agree with you that my GPU is really bad, it was sudden, CPU usage is 100% in all games, even Fifa 14 after one month of playing it lagged, and EVEN PINBALL! I checked for dust on my fans or if anything was clogged but there wasn't I checked for viruses there wasn't, I don't know what to do next, a New GPU is a priority but I just know it's not the graphic card.
  7. ok about the cpu.. monitor the temps on idle and under load and check for any other background activity. use something like cc cleaner. run msconfig and stop any annessesary start up progs. microsoft essensials is light and effective try using it
  8. Well Do you see anything Fishy?
  9. And also Look what just cause does
  10. You say this started a few days ago - could you possibly trace back and try and find what you did to make this occur? If not, you could always go to a previous Windows Restore Point.
  11. i really cant tell.make sure you are not updating anything while playing or downloading anything.also have skype closed and browsers and clear history and internet cache memory i cant think of anithing else.whats that maxton thing opened 4 times. kill all unessesary prosseses
  12. What is that? I opened it and it wanted me to create one also I downloaded blue stacks but I uninstalled it. and literally removed everything that has to do with it.
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