Would this build work?

So i'm building a new pc, but i'm cannibalizing parts from my old pc to cut down on the cost of the build. My question is would the computer on the first link work so far as re-using the case and the other parts missing from the second link? The goal is to keep it the same just want another pcie slot and a better cpu so i can fit two graphics cards in it.

I'm more concerned about the case, I don't know if all these parts will fit and it would suck to have to leave it half built.
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    No. you won't be able to fit that psu and motherboard in there. the case has a mini-ATX form factor for both psu and motherboard.
  2. Thanks, back to square one i guess.
  3. Legiondaeth said:
    Thanks, back to square one i guess.

    Not necessarily, just change your case from a MiniATX to a MidATX and you should be fine.
  4. Would this work?

    Im not sure why its rating is so low.
  5. Should work, try looking at the Corsair 200R, it's what I have and it's nice and simple looking.
  6. Would it make much of a difference? I notice this one doesn't come with a PSU. I'm not sure how i should be judging the cases besides the reviews. I'm guessing the other one i mentioned has some flaw i missed.
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