Prime95 errors, unsure as to the error. *Solved*

I am clearly too tired to read properly tonight.
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  1. What error? The [TRIAL] Readings?
  2. No, I am clearly an idiot and because I am tired I... lets just settle with me being an idiot and making a complete ass out of myself. -.-'

    However to avoid this thread being wasted, I do have another question, does the temperature readings fit into the norm for this particular CPU?

    To add more information I also have links to the individual pieces:
    http:// - RAM
    http:// - PSU
    http:// - Case
    http:// - CPU

    The reason I ask is because since this is my first custom built PC I am paranoid about it.

    Edit: The second screenshot was literally seconds after I had turned Prime95 off as I felt uncomfortable with the temps reaching 65c. However it had not gone above 66c.
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    What? :lol: Also the temperatures in the second screenshot aren't too high. Max 62c on the core and Max 70c on the socket, those are the official limits.
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