External Hard Drive does not back-up aurmatically

A new Toshiba Canvio USB 3.0/3.5 Desktop Hard Drive will not run it's automatic back-ups from my Dell Vostro 1510 computer using Windows XP. I can manually copy / paste all my folders and files onto it. My son has an identical one which works on his Dell computer with XP. Any ideas as to why, and solutions?
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  1. You have to set up backup in the Accessories, System Tools folder
  2. scottiemedic said:
    You have to set up backup in the Accessories, System Tools folder

    Thanks for that, but I realise that, trying to be succinct, I did not give the full details. It is not the external drive that appears to be not working but the software they provided, which is NTI Backup Now EZ, which something appears to be blocking (it always starts but I get a strandard MS error message after about 5 seconds and it stops). I assume that what you are suggesting is using a built-in Windows back-up programme, but will this do the same job, which is backing up daily by comparing present files with the last back-up and changing only those that are different? There is, no doubt, other software available that will do this, but I would prefer it if the one provided would work!
  3. Have you looked to see if there are updates or tried reinstalling the NTI software?
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