AMD vs Intel? (price vs value)

Hey guys I'm trying to find the fastest budget parts for a gaming rig and I've run into a dilemma, both cores are fast but one is faster and cheaper but the more expensive CPU I hear works better. Which do I choose?

AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core $199.99
Passmark: 9,056

Intel I5-3570k Quad-Core $229.99
Passmark: 7,162

Also I don't know what ATX motherboard to choose.
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    If you want the CPU mainly for gaming then i ll recommend you to go with the FX 8350.. It also has 4 physical core ( 2 virtual cores each ) and is great for gaming.. Also its price-performance ratio is way better than the i5's .. Also the latest games recommend AMD ( Like BF4 )..
  2. well, ive always been an Intel Fanboy since birth but personally, the technology is changing, i mean, if you look at it, the majority of our new game systems are running AMD now, and the AMD has better specs ON PAPER, but you may get more functionality on the Intel, but also ive read a lot of good stuff about the 8350, which really makes me want one, but its not in my price range.

    however, with a quick Google search i came across this cpuboss review (, and it says the intel is only better in single core performance, yet somehow it still takes the cake. honestly, i would go with the AMD though, but before you go and purchase, be sure and check this out
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