Building a "future proof" machine with overclocking and SLI potential

I am about to build a new 1080 gaming PC and have about £1000 to spend. Really want to "future proof" it, that is in a few years (when I can no longer run the new games) overclock the CPU and add another GPU through SLI.

Thinking of basing this build around the i5-4670K and a GTX 770.

Would a ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VI HERO be suitable for overclocking and SLI in a few years time
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    Hey mate

    This futureproof is a very interesting word.

    You never know what future will bring, but you can see in what it can transform.
    Games will be using more cores = more core cpu more futureproof
    GTX770 is almost an year old GPU, maybe you wait a bit for maxwell? The 8xx GTX series, they are already around the corner with much* more horse power and new technology!

    ASUS MAXIMUS VI HERO is just made for overclocking, I think you already read this few times! :), so the answer is YES
  2. Thanks for getting back to me so quick!

    Any idea when these new NVidia GPUs might be released? If you know of any good websites with news would be interested to read them?

    I also understand that AMD might be releasing new CPU/APUs in February, so might wait a few months bofore starting my new build.
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