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I got two questions about laptop hard drives, firstly if I take my hard drive out of my laptop and put it into one of those external caddys and plug it into my pc using usb will all my movies and music be accessible just like an external hard drive? or does it have to be formatted a certain way first to then become an external hard drive and will I then lose everything on the drive? Also would this hard drive be able to work with this laptop

sorry for the noob questions and thanks for reading
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  1. The (most) hard drive's in a laptop work the same as in a desktop, but they are smaller and most of the time slower
  2. Thanks, but what about using it as an external?
  3. you could, if you get a SATA to USB adapter.
    you would have to store it safely as it hase no casing covering it.
  4. I will buy a cheap caddy on ebay, but when I connect it to my pc via usb will i be able to play my movies and music right away, or does it need to be formatted first?
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    no, it will be fine
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