Yet another 3570k overclocking question.

I had purchased a 3570k in 2012 in July, with an h61 motherboard. Since after the arrival of the new socket from Intel(I had hoped they stuck to this socket for 4 years at-least close to lga775).

Z77 motherboards were beginning to fade away, so i hurried up and bought an As-rock extreme4 last week. And with curiosity to overclock for the first time and with a lot of youtubing and reading(1 sleepless night of trial and error) i've achieved 4.3ghz :

after 40 minutes of P95(in-place large FFTs), CPU-id showed V-core-1.216 most of the time, and sometimes jumping to V-core-1.224 for a second and came back to normal.

Maximum Temperatures:


Offset- -0.015
Calibration- level 3
Turbo boost voltage - .+004
All cores idle around at 35-37C constantly, and my ambient temperature is 31C.

I want to know if i am safe, or am i doing anything wrong, and what to do next if its alright so far because i am stuck how to proceed.

Thanks in advance.
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    Looks pretty good so far. What are you using for cooling?

    Keep your temps under 90*C. while stress testing and under 75*C. while gaming and normal usage.

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