Building PC for the first time and would appreciate input from people with experience in such

I am looking to build a PC for my teenage kids, whom play games (but not seriously) and for school use, and I want it to be 'future proof' it for 3-4 years. I am thinking about the below components. Is there anything I have missed or should change?
CPU: AMD FX-8320
GPU: AMD Radeon R9-270X
PSU: Cooler Master Thunder 6000W
M/B: Asus M5A97 R2.0 (considering 99FX)
Cabinet: Cooler Master Elite 430
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 1x8GB
Price in Danish kroner = 3810 (+315 for 99FX)
HD: 1TB (advice needed)
Media: DVD (maybe Blu ray player)
OS: probably MS Windows 8.
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    I would go for the 99FX board. Much better over the 970. I had the 970 and took it back for the 99FX and been happy ever since. The Video card is decent, the 270x is the same as mine, the 7870 and I can play most games on it fairly decently.

    Ram is better in pairs, ie, 2x4GB so it will work in dual channel mode. Most 99FX boards anyways should have 4 slots, so they/you could add 2x4gb more in the future.

    Consider a Hyper Evo 212 cooling fan for the CPU. The stock cooler isn't the best and these chips can get warm.

    Throw in a few case fans if that case doesn't come with any. Just google the case specs and see size fan it uses, and whats inculded and grab a few more.

    Other than that, looks like a solid build. I can play BF3 pretty much maxed, BF4 at good settings and hammer through photoshop/office/surfing, any other non-gaming stuff.
  2. Looks like a good solid build, two quick things. I wouldn't bother with Windows 8 as Microsoft are already looking to get away from that, and besides Windows 7 64 bit is a far more stable and user friendly anyway. The other thing s rather than go with one 8 gb stick of ram, you should go with two 4 gb sticks that way you will benefit from running in dual channel mode. Other than that it looks pretty good.
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