sabertooth 990fx boot issue

I have a sabertooth 990fx board and a amd fx4170 chip. it all used to run fine, but since a week ago once the power is shut off my computer wont boot, unless i take out the processor and put it back in, ive run eurosoft pc check, took a few hours to run all the tests, everything works fine no faults on any hardware, ive updated the bios aswell. taken the motherboard battery out and rest the cmos and system clocks they were 3 seconds out, but i still have the problem, ive never come across this and have no idea how to solve it, its seems really daft to have to take a processor out then put it back in and it works, also the post screen doesnt show nor does the system speaker bleep when its turned on, the fans spin up and the HDD and SSD do aswell but thats all that happens, they spin up but dont do anything else. ive repaired the MBR and reset the motherboard setting to default. is there anythig else i could try before upgrading the motherboard
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  1. If the board is under warranty, I'd RMA it.
  2. i dont know if Raming up My Ass would work but i will try
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