RAM clock speeds and cas latency bios changes.

Many people ask what RAM they should get and the differences between clock speeds and CAS timings.

My question is, can you not just buy a 1333 cl9 4gb stick and set the thing to 1866 cl7 within the bios? Saving you some money on the stick and getting higher performance.
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  1. From what I've been told about such things, the latency will be restricted/decided by the quality of the stick and the voltage you put through it. The clock speed will be the same (although more to do with heat management/dissipation).

    Remember that the more voltage you put through (either for latency or clock) the more heat you will generate in the CPU (or northbridge depending on where your memory controller is located).

    So I guess it comes down to the age old issues of OC'ing : quality of the silicon and heat.
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    The chips are tested (multiple times) to find what freq and CL then can run at a given voltage, then manufactured, tested more times, (in cases of sets of multiple sticks, tested even more) to run at the specified settings. You can of course try and OC them higher than the rated specs (and with GSkill, know can almost always OC them at least 1 step higher) though jumping to 1866 from 1333 might take a fair amount of additional voltage from both DRAM and the MC (memory controller) which will create a lot of heat and may lead to failure of the DRAM or MC (which is normally in the CPU these days) so not a real good idea
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