New Motherboard Advice - Dual Boot / Gaming / Multi-Monitor Machine (Should I get Haswell/Z87?)

I'm looking to upgrade my computer. Because I have 4 monitors, Haswell seemed like a perfect fit (so I can use a single video card + onboard ports, rather than 2 video cards), however, I'm having trouble finding a good Haswell/Z87 motherboard to use.

Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H

This is the motherboard I've been looking at, because it has all the features I'm looking for, and because I've had good luck with Gigabyte in the past. Some of the negative reviews (esp. regarding USB ports randomly dropping peripherals) make me a little nervous though. (In fact, USB troubles seem rather common in Z87 mobos from my research. Is that true?)

I'm starting to wonder if Haswell is just too new to be stable right now. Should I be looking into Ivy Bridge boards instead, since they've had longer to perfect the design? My only concern with that is the onboard video processing is considerably lower (probably not a horrible thing, but still)

My requirements for the board are:
  • ~ $150 (though I can be flexible on this)
  • Dedicated video card slot (for gaming)
  • HDMI, DVI plugs for on-board video (for additional (non-gaming) monitors)
  • At least 6 USB ports
  • eSata on board is preferred
  • Optical audio port preferred (most higher-end boards seem to have it anyway)

Please give me some adivce. What Haswell motherboard would you recommend? Or, would you avoid Haswell like the plague because it's still too new and unstable?
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  1. 13thmonkey said:
    I've heard zero about the instability of haswell?

    A good few of the Newegg reviews for the mobo I posted complained about the USB3 ports dropping USB 2.0 devices. (I'd link you one if they had IDs) I saw similar issues on at least one Asus board, but of course, these could (as always) be PEBCAK errors.

    I'm mostly concerned about having a board that will be stable, so I wanted advice from you good folks who build (and research) more often than I do. :)
  2. problem is, most people on here only ever see one board, the one they purchase. I was hoping for asus, but not in your price range.
  3. I'm not opposed to upping my price range a little to spring for an asus (it is a good brand with good reviews and all). My only problem with them is, you do pay for the name, so for ~$199 I'm getting almost the exact same board as that Gigabyte (and still no eSata, though I can get an addon card for that).
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