Built a new pc and it won't turn on!

Hi guys I just built my first pc and it won't turn on.Im not sure what to do any help!?
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  1. Make sure the front header cables are connected properly to your motherboard header pins.
  2. What components?
  3. I'm pretty sure they are however I have 2 hdd led cables and it said I should have power led
  4. Make sure they are in the right way, consult your motherboard manual the positive and negative charges need to be in the right place
  5. I have a msi b85-g41 pc mate motherboard and 8gb samsung ram and 1gb ati Radeon graphics card and intel i5-4570 CPU.we'll there the main ones.
  6. I don't get the whole negative and positive charge thing sorry
  7. ok then, check that your power supply is connected to everything including your motherboard and that the switch on the back of it is on
  8. Yh the power supply is on
  9. ok then I'm guessing it is def the header pins, recheck if they are inserted correctly. Please read your motherboard user manual to find out how
  10. I tried the header pins and still nothing?
  11. Is the 8 pin power cable connected to the motherboard?
    There's a test for power supplies:
  12. There is an 8pin socket but only a 4pin cable
  13. no wonder why it doesnt turn on
  14. What do you mean
  15. Best answer
    What's the PSU model? Is it an old power supply? If yes, then it might be defective. Try the test on youtube (link above).
  16. It's an ATX-500
  17. You have to be more specific (what brand, post a link if possible).
  18. It's from an old machine and it only says ATX-500 500w switching mode power supply
  19. Then I guess that it's defective. Have you tested it?
  20. Hi sorry I was a while just doing the tests and it seems the PSU is broken.i am investing in a corsair PSU.Is this a good idea?
  21. What graphics card using?
  22. 1gb ati Radeon 5450
  23. Then a 500W one would be enough. Corsair is fine. But, if intending to upgrade the graphics card in the future, I suggest a 600 W one.
  24. Ok thanks guys
  25. You're welcome.
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