h100i still the best cooler?

Long story short, I've got a custom loop in my pc right now (dual quad rads, CPU, 1x 780) and I plan on removing it, because with how much I upgrade it has been way to much of a hassle. Anyway, I still want my CPU to be liquid cooled. I've been looking around the net for a few weeks now, watching videos, reviewing benchmarks and the h100i still pulls to the top. Now, that may be all well an good but the results I've been seeing are rather dated (2012, early 2013), and it's 2014. i just wanna make sure the h100i still stands up top. The swift tech 220 didn't seem bad but I've heard about some problems with it. I run a LGA 2011 i7 48XX @ 4GHz right now and don't plan to go much above that in the future. I do not want an air cooler, as I like the sleek and clean look of the closed loop water coolers.
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    If you can fit the 280mm radiator into your case, go with H110i or Kraken x60 or Nepton 280L.
    H110 being the oldest model of the three offers the least features (like no software control, LEDs), but it's cheap and its cooling efficiency is great. Other two offer comparable performance, but are software controlled - it is possible to control fans RPMs and change LED hue to your liking. One of the advantages of X60 is its longer tubing.

    If you are interested in 240mm radiator, I think the newest Corsair H105i looks good. I haven't read any tests so far, but it has thicker radiator (36mm vs 27-29mm on older models) what promises better performance than H100i. All other features are the same (H100 and H105).
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