How do I remove the panel on cit vantage gamers case to install DVD drive?

I recently got all the parts for my first pc build and I have assembled most of it but I'm not sure how to get the DVD drive into the case (cit vantage gamers case). There is a mesh panel(s) covering the bay and I'm not sure how to remove it to install the DVD drive. I'm worried if I use force I'll just break the case because I've heard it has a reputations for breaking relatively easily. Any ideas?
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    If you are talking the plastic on front it is usually clipped on the sites, if you are talking the metal behind it it is often with screw driver holes to break the little steel tabs holding it in place like on the back for the expansion slots.
  2. Thanks for the help mate. I was tempted to just get an external drive but now I can use an internal. Really appreciate it :D
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