AMD A10-7850K on up-to-date motherboard in Win 8.1 - Windows only sees two CPU cores

I've just completed an HTPC build with one of the new Kaveri processors. In order to make this happen, I had to flash the Gigabyte motherboard's BIOS to support FM2+ from a Windows install using an older, two-core AMD A4 I picked up cheaply. Windows seems to have mostly adapted to switching out the APU, except that the performance manager and task manager see only two cores (but four "logical processors,") although they say the correct name of the chip itself. In the Device Manager, four cores show up. So my question is, are all the cores being used or not? If not, is there a way I can get Windows to recognize them? Thanks, all.
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    They are. Windows sees Piledriver and Bulldozer and steamroller cores as being similar to hyperthreading, where for every to "cores" there is one module.

    Since the A10 7850 and A8 7600 are the first APUs to have this architecture. Its running as expected from what I can tell.
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