Does this port work like USB?

Will an "IEEE 1394" port work just like a USB 2.0 port? Is it faster or slower than it?

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  1. if i remembered correctly yes it works just like USB, and a bit faster too, not much though
  2. IEEE 1394. Also known as I link & fire wire is found on some old video cameras and old Macs.

    Much rarer than USB you can not get a cable to connect them

    FireWire often appears on windows device manager as a network port

    Old version 400 newer version 800.
    USB has versions 1, 2 & 3

    Unless device & PC has FireWire not worth worrying about it

    If you have a device which only has FireWire you can get PCI FireWire cards

    I am sure if you google 'FireWire wiki' you will find much more details


    Mike Barnes
  3. Well, if I plug any USB into it it seems to work perfectly fine. I just wanted to know what it was and the speed of it :)
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    I do not believe a USB device will be able to be plugged into a IEEE 1394 socket
    Firewire 400 & 800 versions have different plugs & sockets which are different from USB plugs & sockets

    see here for details

    Some laptops have USB /esata sockets which can take USB & esata data cables

    what PC or laptop are you talking about ?


    Mike Barnes
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