Is the corsair rm 650w able to power an fx 8350 4.7ghz and a r9 280x?

I need to know, that power supply is 80 plus gold, im wondering if it will make difference
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  1. Yep, youre good.
  2. I believe that the R9-280X requires a 750w PSU to be in the computer as a minimum recommended PSU. This is according to the specifications listed for the card and while some will tell you that it can be run on a 650w PSU , when you add the FX 8350 at 4.7ghz you will need the 750w PSU.
  3. According to the extreme power supply calculator, it says that its recommended a 630 power supply, so i don't know
  4. What did the total watts draw come to ? Did the calculator say that this was at idle or under load ?
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    Yes 650watts, from Corsair (XFX, Antec, Seasonic) will power any SINGLE GPU..... with ease.

    System: 200watts
    GPU 250watts
    Total: 450watts...........

    I'm running CrossFire R9 280X's, with a Corsair HX850. System draws ONLY 600--650watts gaming.... so you will be fine

    NOTE: AMD recommends 750watts Single AND 1000watts for a CrossFire pair, I believe they are trying to account for all the JUNK power supplies that "over rate" their power output with that 1000watt number....
  6. It says 90% under load.
  7. For the sake of it, im going with the corsair rm 750w, thanks!
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