Is there a place where I can start to learn about building a computer instead of just using one? A crash course would be best

Where to learn about what it takes to build my own computer.
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  2. i found the best way to learn, is to get hands on, try to get hold of an old system (preferably a working one) take it apart, put it back together, tinker, play, learn.

    use social media or local media (gumtree/craigslist etc) to find old but cheap hardware and try to upgrade systems.
  3. Wolfshadw recommendation is good.

    Assembling a PC is like adult legos, and requires very little skill, do it your first time and you're set. Read your manuals if your stuck and consult this site if you need help during a build. Also take your time and do not rush.
  4. Another thing is to read tomshardware benchmarks of CPUs, GPUs, Motherboards, everything. Those contain a lot of info and gives a thorough picture of how things work. Theory.

    The practical part is piecing together a PC but once you understand the theory behind all parts, it is easier to troubleshoot a PC.

    Read reviews! Don't just skim thru the text and look at numbers, read everything.

    Another way if you like to read books is to get a hold of 'Upgrading and repairing PCs'.

    I read one of the older editions, it was part of a course curriculum. I only skipped the printer part, wasn't interesting. Lots of good info.
  5. You can watch build guides on youtubes and as for compatibility with each of your components - you can seek help in forums like this or on other sources in the internet :)
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